Succulents and Cacti Care

Succulents are tricky to care, but after mastering a few simple techniques succulents provide joy with their sculptural forms and flowers. These plants come from harsh environments having little water, poor soils and heat. Observation is the best way to grow succulents successfully by seeing when they need water, lighting needs, etc... 

Our soils is a home blend of recommended mix of compost and inorganic mixture such as perlite and porous material. The top dressing material not only provide a clean look, but serves to distribute water evenly to the roots. It also keeps lighter material from floating to the top. 

Light Needs:

Strong light is optimal for succulents–at least 4 to 6 hours a day. Most will enjoy morning sun. However, afternoon summer sunlight can cause leaf-burn easily if left for a short period of time. When placed indoors, we recommend placing our plants within five feet from a bright window. 


Succulents will be compromised if they sit in water. The best way to avoid wet feet is air flow. Open windows can help greatly.


Remember: When in doubt, let it drought! Succulents are from environments with low water source, but they still need water! Water them evenly, and wait until the soil is almost dry. The soil consistency should be like a wrung-out sponge. Never spray them. Water them less frequently in the winter time, and allow soil to dry more, especially when in dormancy. 

Many factors play into how much and how frequent water should be applied to succulents. How near it is to a hot window, in a shaded area, how big a pot is, etc... can contribute to how much water a plant needs. 

What is overing watering? It is the frequency of application, not how much is applied. Water well and wait until the soil gets fairly dry until the next application.


Succulents are most prone to mealy bugs. They are found mostly in new leaf growth, but be in any part of the plant. The best way to get rid of them is by dipping a brush or a q-tip in alcohol and brush them away. 


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